Which Concealer to Use For Color Corrections

Mastering the art of concealers hasĀ  to do with understanding the basics of color. We have learned all about the color wheel in high school and how colors can cancel each other out. The color green will neutralize the color red which is why a green concealer does a great job to cover red acne and skin flares.

Here is a quick guide on what color concealer to use depending on what you need to cover.

Use a green concealer to cover red acne, sunburns, and capillaries. If the redness is widespread, you can also use a green primer to reduce the redness further. Learn how to cover pimples properly here.

Use a peach concealer to brighten the eyes if they look tired. Peach concealers cover darker colors like purple, blue or green and works great in covering dark circles. Check out the golden rules for covering dark circles.

concealer makeup

Orange concealers are for those of us with dark skin tones and have dark circles and deep discolorations.

Yellow concealers are the most common and do great in covering bruises and veins. They are perfect for a night out because they give a bright base for the foundation.

If you are lucky not have anything to hide, neutral concealers are the ones for you.