Common Hair Straightner Mistakes

Straightening your hair with a flat iron can do some serious damage if you are not careful about it. Many women straighten their hair without giving a second to the damage that it causes. Here are a few common mistakes made by women that lead  to damage rather than the  styling of hair:

No protection against heat: Whenever you want to use a hair straightener always use heat protection for your hair. Heat protection sprays help to insulate the hair against heat and friction and prevents them from becoming brittle and dry.

Using full heat settings: It is completely unnecessary to use a hair straightener at high heat settings. A moderate setting is perfect for straightening hair. What’s best is to blow dry your hair straight with a brush first and then fixing the strands that are left with a flat iron afterwards. Blow dryer causes much less damage than flat iron.

Straightening the same strands over and over again: Straightening the same strands again and again causes serious damage. The best way is to brush your hair first and make small sections. Then use the flat iron on one section at a time in a curving C motion just once so that your hair don’t become limp and have a nice bend at the tips.

Straightening wet hair: Never use a hair straightener on wet or damp hair as it causes much more damage and destroys the effect of sleek straight hair. Either air dry or use a blow dryer first on your hair and make sure that they are fully dried before you straighten them.

Straightening a lot: Even with the use of heat protection sprays your hair are damaged if you use a flat iron on them every single day. It is best to straighten your hair just twice a week and wear them natural on the other days. You can also use a dry shampoo to hold the style for rest of the days.

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