How and When to Wear Dark Lipstick?

Most women don’t usually have the courage to go  for dark lips while others always stick to dark lip colors whatever be the occasion. However, you can use dark lipstick to your advantage if you know how and when to wear it.

So how and when to wear dark lipstick?

1-Using a lip liner is a must while applying a dark lip color and you should work from the outer corners of your lip  towards the center.

2-Only the trial and error method works while finding the right shade of your dark lipstick. Although some colors look great on catalog, they might not look that great on you.

3-When you are going for dark colors, don’t go safe. Try to go big on the lips by being minimalistic on the eyes. Always remember for dark lip makeup, eyes are to be highlighted as subtle as possible.

4-Dark lips can easily highlight imperfections in your lips.  They need to definitely look smooth and flawless and if your lips are dry, make sure to exfoliate them properly.

5-If you have a dark skin tone, then deep plums, berries and plums shall look great during daytime. However, women with lighter skin tone should save these for evening wear.

6-Try going for neural clothing close while using dark lip shades.

7-Also note that when dark lip color wears off, it is quickly noticeable.  Use dark lipstick of a good brand so that it will have long lasting power.

Now check out how you can find the perfect lip color for you.

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