Eyeliner Application Tips

1- A steady hand is key to apply eyeliner perfectly. For a flawless look, lay the elbow of the hand you are applying with on a hard surface. Try it for yourself; compare the look with your elbow in the air and your elbow on a table. You won’t believe the difference.

2- If you are going for a dramatic look using eyeliner, start by applying the base line and then slowly add to it.

3- Experiment with different eyeliners. For instance liquid eyeliner might work for you pencil will work for others. Also, experiment with different styles and find the best one for you.

4- Make sure to always keep the eyeliner application thin towards the inner corner of the eye. Always stop a tiny bit before the inner corner of the eye.

5- If you are applying liquid eyeliner, give it a while to dry before you open your eyes to avoid smudges on your upper lid.

6- Practice makes perfect. Eyeliner is the the hardest to apply, give it time and practice until you are comfortable.

7- If you want your lashes to look thicker, apply eye liner on the roots of your upper lashes.

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