Covering Dark Circles Tips

-A common mistake most of us make when trying to cover dark circles is to use a product that is too dry for the skin. Moisturizing products, like a cream concealer do a much better work when it comes to concealing dark circles.

-Did you know that you can use foundation as a replacements for concealer when it comes to covering dark circles ? Expose some liquid concealer to the air for a few minutes to let the color concentrate and then apply it just like you apply typical concealer.

-When covering dark circles, do not apply the product over the whole eye. Stick to the areas that are affected from the interior of the eye down towards your cheeks.

-The best time to apply the concealer is after you are done with your eye makeup and before you apply blush.

-Concealers with  yellow bases that are bit lighter than your skin work best in achieving a perfectly blended look. The yellow will cancel the blue hue and brighten your under eye area.

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