Makeup Mistakes That Makes You Look Old

Mascara on your lower lashes: Leave your lower lashes makeup-free. Makeup on you lower lashes might attract attention to puffy bags or dark areas under your eyes. There is no need to attract attention and they do not add any value to your look

– Putting lipstick on its own: The color of lipstick would look harsh and bright and this makes the rest of the face looks old. If you are going to wear lipstick make sure you put on other makeup for the face as well

– Light Foundation: Light foundations are for funerals. A light foundation will make you look old and pale. Avoid this zombie look by testing the foundation (preferably in sun light) before you buy it.

-Heavy use of foundation: Too much foundation is very easy to spot. It make you look old and you like it is the first time you have ever put on makeup. This not to mention that the cracks in the foundation will look like wrinkles. Only use enough foundation to cover imperfections. Avoid looking like a clown.

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