Which Concealer to Use For Color Corrections

October 21st, 2016

Mastering the art of concealers has  to do with understanding the basics of color. We have learned all about the color wheel in high school and how colors can cancel each other out. The color green will neutralize the color red which is why a green concealer does a great job to cover red acne and skin flares.

Here is a quick guide on what color concealer to use depending on what you need to cover.

Use a green concealer to cover red acne, sunburns, and capillaries. If the redness is widespread, you can also use a green primer to reduce the redness further. Learn how to cover pimples properly here.

Use a peach concealer to brighten the eyes if they look tired. Peach concealers cover darker colors like purple, blue or green and works great in covering dark circles. Check out the golden rules for covering dark circles.

concealer makeup

Orange concealers are for those of us with dark skin tones and have dark circles and deep discolorations.

Yellow concealers are the most common and do great in covering bruises and veins. They are perfect for a night out because they give a bright base for the foundation.

If you are lucky not have anything to hide, neutral concealers are the ones for you.

Top Four Oily Skin Remedies

October 13th, 2016

Let’s face it, oily skin is not fun. It’s prone to acne, whiteheads, blackheads, and other skin irritations. On the bright side, oily skin ages slower and is less likely to wrinkle than dry skin. There is a number of things that can be done to manage oily skin. Here are our top ten remedies:

1- Milk

Apply some milk to your oily skin using a cotton ball and massage your face for a couple of minutes. Sleep with the milk on if possible. The milk’s acids exfoliates the skin and cleanses it from oil.

2- Honey

Spread a small amount of honey over your face and keep it on for 10 minutes. Honey cleans out the pores and reduces oil. Honey will also moisturize the skin without making it oily.

3- Apple Cider Vinegar

Dilute some apple cider vinegar with some water and apply it to your face with a cotton ball. Leave it for at least 15 minutes. Apple cider has antibacterial properties and is very good for acne caused by oily skin. Check out how to get rid of acne and pimples.

4- Yogurt

Apply a tablespoon of yogurt to your face for 20 minutes and rinse it of with cold water. The lactic acid helps exfoliate the skin and absorbs the excessive oil. Check out the yogurt and honey facial mask.

Five Tips for a Professionally Done Makeup

September 27th, 2016

Skin Tone and Concealers

Nothing makes your makeup look professionally done like the choice of the right concealers. Choose the wrong one and you will end up with the raccoon effect.


Professional makeup artists always contour the face of their clients. Contouring is highlight and shading to make some areas stand out and others areas stand back. Contour to draw attention to the best features or your face like the eyes or cheekbones for example. It might look hard to master contouring, but it  actually becomes very easy after a bit of practice.

Blend Blush in the Right Direction

Experts agree that you should always blend up when applying blush to your cheeks. Blending upwards lifts and brightens the face.

One Color Eye Shadow is too Little

Most of use one color eye shadow when applying makeup at home. Makeup artist always use multiple colors. Lear how to apply and blend multiple color for a professional looking makeup.

The Powder

Finishing powder is what makes makeup last for longer hours and makes it smooth and flawless. Make sure you use small amounts or else risk ruining your whole look

The Essential Oils for Skincar

August 26th, 2016

This is a very Informative post from makeuptutorials.com. All you needed about oils and their benefits to our skin.

Essential oils  aren’t just used to maintain smooth, and  healthy skin. They’re also used for number of health benefits they possess. Check them out below.


The Do’s and Don’ts of Makeup You Need to Know About

August 24th, 2016

Here’s a new info-graphic on the do’s and don’t of makeup shared by Sona from simplysona.com. Its simple and will directly give you insight on what you might be doing wrong when applying face makeup.

Dos and Don'ts Makeup


February 24th, 2016

The new Revolution Lipstick by URBAN DECAY delivers the rich long lasting color we all are looking for. You cannot go wrong with the 22 lovely shades available that look gorgeous on every skin tone.art

The lipstick is creamy and delivers a lot of color and shine. It’s formula is long-lasting and has superior color dispersion.

URBAN DECAY revolution also defines and hydrates your lips to make them look fuller.It’s nourishing blend of jojoba oil, avocado oil, and cocoa butter keeps your lips moisturized and soft.

For ultra long-wear, prime and define your lips with Urban Decay Glide-ON Lip pencils, then apply Revolution Lipstick of the matching shade. The Glide-On liner is smooth and grabs to the color to help it last.

Common Hair Straightner Mistakes

September 16th, 2014

Straightening your hair with a flat iron can do some serious damage if you are not careful about it. Many women straighten their hair without giving a second to the damage that it causes. Here are a few common mistakes made by women that lead  to damage rather than the  styling of hair:

No protection against heat: Whenever you want to use a hair straightener always use heat protection for your hair. Heat protection sprays help to insulate the hair against heat and friction and prevents them from becoming brittle and dry.

Using full heat settings: It is completely unnecessary to use a hair straightener at high heat settings. A moderate setting is perfect for straightening hair. What’s best is to blow dry your hair straight with a brush first and then fixing the strands that are left with a flat iron afterwards. Blow dryer causes much less damage than flat iron.

Straightening the same strands over and over again: Straightening the same strands again and again causes serious damage. The best way is to brush your hair first and make small sections. Then use the flat iron on one section at a time in a curving C motion just once so that your hair don’t become limp and have a nice bend at the tips.

Straightening wet hair: Never use a hair straightener on wet or damp hair as it causes much more damage and destroys the effect of sleek straight hair. Either air dry or use a blow dryer first on your hair and make sure that they are fully dried before you straighten them.

Straightening a lot: Even with the use of heat protection sprays your hair are damaged if you use a flat iron on them every single day. It is best to straighten your hair just twice a week and wear them natural on the other days. You can also use a dry shampoo to hold the style for rest of the days.

Now Check out how to get the perfect color for your skine tone.

How and When to Wear Dark Lipstick?

August 21st, 2014

Most women don’t usually have the courage to go  for dark lips while others always stick to dark lip colors whatever be the occasion. However, you can use dark lipstick to your advantage if you know how and when to wear it.

So how and when to wear dark lipstick?

1-Using a lip liner is a must while applying a dark lip color and you should work from the outer corners of your lip  towards the center.

2-Only the trial and error method works while finding the right shade of your dark lipstick. Although some colors look great on catalog, they might not look that great on you.

3-When you are going for dark colors, don’t go safe. Try to go big on the lips by being minimalistic on the eyes. Always remember for dark lip makeup, eyes are to be highlighted as subtle as possible.

4-Dark lips can easily highlight imperfections in your lips.  They need to definitely look smooth and flawless and if your lips are dry, make sure to exfoliate them properly.

5-If you have a dark skin tone, then deep plums, berries and plums shall look great during daytime. However, women with lighter skin tone should save these for evening wear.

6-Try going for neural clothing close while using dark lip shades.

7-Also note that when dark lip color wears off, it is quickly noticeable.  Use dark lipstick of a good brand so that it will have long lasting power.

Now check out how you can find the perfect lip color for you.

Things to Consider When Choosing The Right Hair Color

August 7th, 2014

One of the most important aspects which you must consider while choosing a new hair color is that it should always complement your skin tone. Choosing a new hair color can be tricky at times, however, going in for a new hair color can bring a huge change in your appearance.

1) First, analyze your skin tone. For instance, if you have olive skin, then go in for darker hair colors. For people with pale skin, most of the hair colors suit, however, they should stay clear of very dark black hair. Check this article for more information: The Perfect Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

2) Also, the  colors of your clothes also plays a big role while choosing your hair color. Most of us stick to a particular combination of colors for our dresses and this should also be considered while coloring your hair.

3) Your eye color should also be taken into consideration. Warm hair tones such as red, gold and auburn are usually selected for people with hazel, green or brown eyes.

4) Also, check your hair texture before selecting your hair color. Some hair colors such as silver and white are very bold colors and require a lot of maintenance. For these colors to work to your benefit, you must be sure that your hair is in great condition.

Signs You’re Addicted to Makeup

August 1st, 2014

There is a common link among the fashion girls, foodie girls and the crafty girls and it is that they all have their own issues. However, the women who are usually addicted to make-up don’t realize their actual problem (is it really a problem?). Here, are the tell-tale signs of someone who is clearly addicted to make-up.

  1. Cosmetics Collector – One of the prime behavior of a person who is addicted to make-up is that they tend to hoard make-up and they not only keep on collecting new stuff but they are unable to throw away the old stuff, even though they know that there is nothing good that can come out of old make-up.

  2. Make-up makes you feel great – If buying make-up makes you feel great and if you keep on purchasing expensive brands which you actually cannot afford, then you definitely have a problem.

  3. Buyer Beware – If you keep on buying multiples of the same type of beauty products, then you definitely have an issue.

  4. Always done-up – If you don’t ever leave your house without make-up, even if you are going to the gym, then you are definitely addicted.

  5. Make-up madness – Spending all your free time on reading and watching about make-up tips and tutorials is a sure sign of make-up addictiveness.

  6. Room raider – Having multiple drawers and boxes for body lotions and other cosmetics, definitely shows your obsession to make-up.